Ae'o - Aloha Friday Collection


"Ae'o" also known as the Hawaiian Stilt.

This 2nd release of our Aloha Friday Collection, was inspired by the Ae'o bird.  The pink long legs resembling the pink mink protea petals are meticulously placed throughout the shirt design.  The buttons are made from the tips of the Niobe Protea petals.  The niobe reminds me of the black and white body of the Hawaiian Stilt.  The birds are shorebirds with long stick like pink legs and long skinny black beaks. They make me smile every time I see them.  The Ae'o have been endangered since the 70's.

Photo: Paper, Pink Mink Protea, Niobe Protea, Ohai Ali'i Lei

Archival Matte Photo Paper

Sizes: 8x10 Print in 11x14 White Mat, 12x12 Print in 16x16 White Mat