About Us

Kristen of Lola Pilar Hawaii grew up on the island of Oahu.  As a kid she was constantly in the water and surrounding herself with the beauty of Hawaii.

She later received a B.A. in film from Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, CA She cut her teeth a little further south as a staff photographer at Quiksilver.  

After moving home, and running her own photography business on Oʻahu, an obsession grew from traditional Hawaiian quilts. The local flora, fauna, and day to day life are all inspiration to each Hawaiian quilt print.  The name Lola Pilar Hawaii is a dedication to her and her husband John's grandmas.  All being very creative in their own way.  The name Lola Pilar is John's grandmas name and Lola meaning Grandma in the Phillipines.  

 About the works:

Tūtū’s Garden Collection
Each flower-quilt involves sourcing fruit and flowers from aunties' backyards, in addition to lei and fruit stands of Chinatown. Some works of nature are deserving enough to knock on a door.  Every Hawaiian quilt print requires a trek around Oʻahu and back; then comes manicuring, and placement. Some arrangements take 5 hours to place for a flat lay photo shoot, but most importantly they are all a work of love.

These beautiful timeless images are Contemporary and fit in any setting around your home, office, store, restaurant, whatever your heart desires.

Aloha, thank you for looking.